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Theoden’s Host Update

Started painting Theoden’s Host last week for my middle son. I will also use this army for my alliance in AdeptiCon. 12 Warriors are done, 12 to go along with Eomer/Captain/Banner.


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Tower of Ecthelion Update

Finished Boromir for my oldest sons Tower of Ecthelion army.  He now has 500 Points completed.

He wants to get King Aragon and use it for 600 Points, and I still need to get/paint 4 more Citadel  Guard for him to use in a 350 Point list which he will be using for his alliance at AdeptiCon.

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Cirith Ungul Update

I know have 12 Orks painted up for my Cirith Ungul list. 12 More to go.

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LotR @ AdeptiCon 2008

Today I officially registered my son and I in the Team Tournament for LotR @ AdeptiCon 2008.  We were planning on going to play in the 4 Man 40K Team Tournament, and my son wanted to add the 2 Man LotR Team Tournament.

I also realized I cannot alliance my Thranduil’s Hall with Tower of Etchelion, so I have to paint up Theoden’s Host.

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Weekend Update

Did not get too much painted this weekend as we spent most of Saturday down in Tucson taking the kids to the zoo there. While we were down there I visited with Hats Games since they were hosting the Adeptus Arizona Fantasy Tournament Tracker Event. Our first Fantasy Event for the year.

Today I decided too build the LotR models I recently bought, and paint some Orcs up.

I ended up getting all my new models put together/based/primed. I was also able to paint the following new models:


I also was able to finish 4 Orcs with Bows and 4 Orcs with Two Handed Weapons.

I place pics up tomorrow.

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Pirates: Cutthroats

Its been a few days since I posted. I’ve been busy revamping the new www.adeptusarizona.com in my free time.

I finished two more Pirates for my Crew last night, my Cutthroats.

You can check out my crew here.

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Pirates: Captain/Quartermaster/Mate

Finshed my Captain/Quartermaster/Mate for my Flying Dragon crew. Once I was almost finished I realized I should have also used some brighter colors. I’ll brighten up the colors once I get to the “rogues” of my crew.

You can check them out under LotHS.

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