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Wood Elves 8X Swordsman

So I now finished 8 Wood Elves with Elven Blades for my Thranduil’s Hall List.

Still need to paint up 8 Bowman, 8 Spearman, 1 Captain and 1 Banner and then 350 Points will be completed.

I think I will be expanding this army to 600 Points, so I will need to pick up another box of Wood Elves Warriors. I wont purchase that till these are painted.

You can check out the pics Here:


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Adding to Gondor

I ended up picking up four more Warriors of Minas Tirith w/ HW, Shield over the weekend for my sons army.  Just to have a few more extras in case he adds Knights or to fill in some points.  I quickly threw those on the painting board yesterday and got them completed.

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I Lied!

After priming the Legions if the White Hand, I decide to slide them to the back burner for a little bit.  I ended up painting King Aragorn for my oldest son, and today decided to finally start on my Wood Elves.   I completed 4 Wood Elves (I like to paint in 4’s or 5’s).

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Legions of the White Hand

The Legions of the White Hand are going to hit the painting board next.  While in Chicago, I picked up Saruman and Grima along with a Uruk-hai Captain/Banner.  I already had some Warriors so all these will get primed this week.

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AdeptiCon 2008 Recap

So, here is a brief recap on how my AdeptiCon 2008 weekend went. Please excuse the lackness of detail in the games as there was to much to remember.

It was an awesome weekend, but I wont lie it was also very tiring.


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Cirith Ungul are complete.

Finished the last 2 Orcs to complete my Cirith Ungol. The Orc Captain and Orc Banner are now finished. The Cirith Ungol come out to about 310 Points and I’ll use them to ally with other armies like the Nazgul and Isengard.

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