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Fellowship Boromir and Denethor

On Thursday I decided to paint up Fellowship Boromir and Gondor Denethor for my sons.  My 8 year old really wanted Boromir after playing a demo game of Balins Tomb with him, we stopped by an Indipendant Retailer last weekend to pick him up.  Denethor will be a nice fill in for my 12 year old Gondor army.

You can check out Boromir in my Fellowship section, and Denethor under the Tower of Ecthelion.


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Wood Elves 8X Bowmen

8 Wood Elf Bowman are now complete. 24 Wood Elves Warriors have been completed for the core of my army. I still have the Captain/Banner that I hope to get to this weekend. I also have another box of 24 Warriors that I will slowly work on to bring this army up to 600+ points. For now I will be allying this list Thranduil’s Hall with my Dwarves of Erebor led by Gimli.

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FOW: US Tank Company

I decided to dust off my FOW US Tank Company army today and upload some pictures. I need to still finish painting my Armored Rifle Platoon, once that is painted I should have around 2100 points in Mid War and around 1500 in Late War.

You can check out my pictures here:

I plan on getting a game in 2 weeks, so I’ll have to refresh myself on the rules (it’s been a long while since I looked at that rulebook).

I love the WWII era, My Grandfather was a Major for the Serbian Army and was captured by the Germans when they invaded Yugoslavia. He spent the rest of the war in a prison camp. After the war, Yugoslavia became a Communist Country, so my Grandfather and the King of Yugoslavia were exiled. He lived in Austria for awhile before coming to America. He passed away in 1959 (so I never met him) but while he was in the hospital, the former King visited my Grandfather and awarded him a medal. Knowing that I had a relative in this war peaked my interest for WWII.

Eventually I will paint up an Army for my Grandfathers platoon, just not sure at the moment if it will be in 15mm or 28mm scale.

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Siege Ladders / Battering Ram

I decided to paint the three ladders I have completed, I also finished a battering ram last night. I’m sure my boys will want to play this weekend, so I wanted to have them completed.

Siege Ladders painted
Siege Ladders painted
Battering Ram
Battering Ram

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Siege Ladders

As you may have noticed in my Helms Deep mini battle that I played last Sunday. The use of Siege Ladders is almost a must. Work has been started on my ladders. I picked up enough material over the weekend to complete 9 ladders. 3 of them have been constructed.

Siege Ladders work in progress

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28mm World War II

A friend of mine has written rules for 28mm WWII miniature gaming. The rules are based off a mixture of Warhammer 40K and Lord of the Rings. I have a feeling I am really going to enjoy this as I love the period. The nice part of this game is that you can mix-n-match your miniatures from a variety of vendors out there. Also the scale of the Tanks are 1:48 and Tamiya makes a nice wide range.

Over the weekend I went to my Hobbytown and picked up a couple of US M4 Sherman Tanks. I plan on starting my first Army with the US Rifle Company. For the Infantry I decided to go with Crusdader Miniatures, I really like the look of these minatures and they have a nice range for WWII. These had to be ordered online so it will be a bit before they arrive.

Today I finished construction of the first M4 Sherman. I will wait on painting it once the second one is complete and do them both together.

Pictures will be available soon in the Armies section for WWII.

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Helms Deep mini battle

I recently won a GW Helms Deep fortress on EBay and it arrived this past Friday. Today I had to give it a try with my 8 year old.

We setup a mini battle;

He 8 Rohan Warriors with Bow and Legolas on the wall with 4 Rohan Warriors with HW/Shield, Strider, Gimli just inside the door.

I had 24 Orc Warriors with a mix of Bows, HW/Shield, 2 Handed Weapons, Captain and Banner.

In these type of games, Good always goes first… ouch!! First turn all 4 of my Orc Bowman were killed.

I finally made it to the entrance of the castle, but I was down to like 14 Orcs. He had some hot shooting. After 2 failed attempts at breaking down the door, Rohan slain some more Orcs with shooting. Orcs were broken. I still had my Captain and he passed his Courage test and did a “Stand Fast” for the Orcs around him.

Since the Orcs were down to 7 in number, Rohan opened the doors to the fortress and out came Strider, Gimli and some Warriors.

After 3 rounds of combat and some great shooting by Legolas into Combat along with some failed Courage tests, the Orcs were slaughtered.

I realized after playing this game, that Siege Ladders and Battering Rams are a must. I then went out to Hobbytown to pick up some supplies to make the ladders/rams. Hopefully next time we play with Helms Deep I’ll have some of these completed.

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