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FOW: US Tank Company

I decided to dust off my FOW US Tank Company army today and upload some pictures. I need to still finish painting my Armored Rifle Platoon, once that is painted I should have around 2100 points in Mid War and around 1500 in Late War.

You can check out my pictures here:

I plan on getting a game in 2 weeks, so I’ll have to refresh myself on the rules (it’s been a long while since I looked at that rulebook).

I love the WWII era, My Grandfather was a Major for the Serbian Army and was captured by the Germans when they invaded Yugoslavia. He spent the rest of the war in a prison camp. After the war, Yugoslavia became a Communist Country, so my Grandfather and the King of Yugoslavia were exiled. He lived in Austria for awhile before coming to America. He passed away in 1959 (so I never met him) but while he was in the hospital, the former King visited my Grandfather and awarded him a medal. Knowing that I had a relative in this war peaked my interest for WWII.

Eventually I will paint up an Army for my Grandfathers platoon, just not sure at the moment if it will be in 15mm or 28mm scale.


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