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Demo Games @ Talons’ Hideout

So last night at Talon’s Hideout I had the first night of LotR demo games.  While the owner Chris was waiting for his opponent Ben to finish up a WFB game, I had my two oldest sons get a 300 pt game in.



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Helms Deep mini battle

I recently won a GW Helms Deep fortress on EBay and it arrived this past Friday. Today I had to give it a try with my 8 year old.

We setup a mini battle;

He 8 Rohan Warriors with Bow and Legolas on the wall with 4 Rohan Warriors with HW/Shield, Strider, Gimli just inside the door.

I had 24 Orc Warriors with a mix of Bows, HW/Shield, 2 Handed Weapons, Captain and Banner.

In these type of games, Good always goes first… ouch!! First turn all 4 of my Orc Bowman were killed.

I finally made it to the entrance of the castle, but I was down to like 14 Orcs. He had some hot shooting. After 2 failed attempts at breaking down the door, Rohan slain some more Orcs with shooting. Orcs were broken. I still had my Captain and he passed his Courage test and did a “Stand Fast” for the Orcs around him.

Since the Orcs were down to 7 in number, Rohan opened the doors to the fortress and out came Strider, Gimli and some Warriors.

After 3 rounds of combat and some great shooting by Legolas into Combat along with some failed Courage tests, the Orcs were slaughtered.

I realized after playing this game, that Siege Ladders and Battering Rams are a must. I then went out to Hobbytown to pick up some supplies to make the ladders/rams. Hopefully next time we play with Helms Deep I’ll have some of these completed.

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Played my first Advance Game with my oldest today using Might/Will/Fate points, Courage Test and Heroic Actions.

The Lists:


Tower of Ecthelion
8 Minas Tirith w/ Shield
8 Minas Tirith w/ Shield & Spear
8 Minas Tirith w/ Bow

The Fellowship


I know his list isnt quite official since there was no Captain for the Minas Tirith, its in the mail….


Cirith Ungol

1 Captain
1 Banner
4 Orcs w/ Bow
4 Orcs w/ 2 Handed Weapon
7 Orcs w/ Shield
7 Orcs w/ Spear


The Nazgul

1 Ringwraith

its was 375 points a side.

We played the Scenario Domination, Had to control a terrain feature in each table quarter.

4 for Major Victory
3 for Minor Victory
2 or less for Draw

Deployment was opposite corners.
4 Orc Bowmen sat on my Hill in my corner.
I rushed Shelob straight up the middle to go for the opposite corner.
Ringwraith and 4 Orcs w/ 2 Handed Weapon went for 1 corner.
All the other Orcs went for the last corner.

My son split up his force to try and counter.

Shelob got cut off by Aragorn and some Warriors. After 3 rounds of battle, Aragorn rolled 5,5,6 (needing 6’s) and used 2 might points to get 3-6’s to finish off Shelob.

The 14 Orcs w/ Captain and Banner captured one of the terrain pieces, Split off the Captain/Banner and a couple of Orcs to counter some Warriors approaching. the Warriors were sliced up.

Ringwraith and 4 Orcs were holding another terrain feature, the 4 Orcs got chopped to pieces, Ringwraith was holding on to his last Will point with 1 Warrior also on the Hill.

4 Orc Bowman were still holding on to my Hill in my deployment zone, with Aragorn and crew within reach of destroying them.

I finally broke the Good Side (once a side become belows 1/2 the game ends on a roll of 1-2). My son rolled a 2. Game was over.

I controlled Hill in my deployment zone.
My son controlled Hill in his deployment zone.
8 Orcs controlled another.
And the last one was a draw with Ringwraith and 1 Warrior on the Hill.

It was 2-1, so it was a Draw

I had a blast. Expect another report next weekend when I get more models in and the Army of Rohan will allie with Gondor to face the Orcs.

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