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28mm World War II

A friend of mine has written rules for 28mm WWII miniature gaming. The rules are based off a mixture of Warhammer 40K and Lord of the Rings. I have a feeling I am really going to enjoy this as I love the period. The nice part of this game is that you can mix-n-match your miniatures from a variety of vendors out there. Also the scale of the Tanks are 1:48 and Tamiya makes a nice wide range.

Over the weekend I went to my Hobbytown and picked up a couple of US M4 Sherman Tanks. I plan on starting my first Army with the US Rifle Company. For the Infantry I decided to go with Crusdader Miniatures, I really like the look of these minatures and they have a nice range for WWII. These had to be ordered online so it will be a bit before they arrive.

Today I finished construction of the first M4 Sherman. I will wait on painting it once the second one is complete and do them both together.

Pictures will be available soon in the Armies section for WWII.


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