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A Day of Gaming

So yesterday I spent the entire day gaming with my oldest son.  We arrived a Talons Hideout when they opened at 10:00 am and stayed until 2:00 am.  I promised my son an entire day of gaming since I will be missing his 13th birthday and heading to Las Vegas for the GT.

We got some Lord of the Rings games in, and then he played some Warmachine with other players there.

While he was playing Warmachine, Ian had swung by and we got a game of Fantasy Battles in.  It was my first Fantasy game in 4 years, and the first with 7th Edition.  I had a great time playing and shaking off the cobwebs.  Ian was playing Orks with no Magic, and I was playing my Dwarves (obviously with no magic).  So with both of us without Magic, it was Move, Shoot, Combat, which I enjoyed.  I was never a fan of the Magic phase.  Well the Dwarves prevailed and like I said had a fun game against Ian.

Later in the evening, another friend of mine Gyan had showed up.  Gyan came by so I can teach how to play LotR and so we can get a game of 40K in.  In LotR he played my Wood Elves and my son played his Gondor force.  For Gyan’s first game he took down Gondor and seemed to enjoy himself.  Afterwards he says he will be building a Rivendell army.

After the LotR game, Gyan and I threw down for some 40K.  This was going to be my first game at 5th Edition.  I needed to get some practice games before 9/20/08 since thats when the next 40k Tourney I’ll be attending.  We played “Capture and Control on a Pitched Battlefield”.  Gyan was playing his Dark Angels Deathwing and I was playing my Dark Angels as Vanilla Marines.  The game ended up being a Draw.  It was fun playing Gyan, but it was an alright game.  Only because now everything gets a 4+ save.  Even tanks.

Well 2:00 am came around and it was a long day and time to get home.

2008 Games Day LA

Well this past weekend (Sat Aug. 23rd) was Games Day 2008 in Los Angelas.  My family and I made trek out to California.  My son and I were going to be working Games Day on Saturday, and on Sunday we were visiting Disneyland.

We left for California early Friday morning and arrived in LA around 11 AM.  I drove by the Ontario Convention Center just to refresh my memory on its location and to see if I can register early.  Registration was not ready yet, so we would have to do that the next morning.

We then had an early lunch and headed for the Disneyland Hotel.  We arrived at 1 PM and they were nice enough to let us register early.  We brought the bags upstairs, unpacked the swimsuits and hit the pool.

Later that evening we went to Portillo’s for dinner ( a must for dinner since we used to always go there in Chicago, California now has 2 locations).  We got back to the room pretty early and I hit the bed.

Saturday 6:30 AM, Tim K swung by the hotel and picked my son and I up and we headed out to Ontario.  We arrived there around 7:15 AM and checked in.  Received our t-shirts, lunch money and vouchers.

Tim and I were working the Registered LotR Tables all day, and my son was working the Bag Check area.

We received 2-15 min breaks and 1-30 min lunch.  I did most of my shopping during my first break, and near the end of the show picked up some great deals on items that they clearanced.

Games Day ended around 6 PM and now it was time for the hard work.  We broke down the entire hall within a hour and a half.  My feet were really killing me that day, and I knew Sunday would be just as painful.

Sunday was Disneyland, what can I say woke up early and spent the entire day at the park, and yes my feet were sore.  I had to go back to the hotel room and I threw on my flip-flops in the afternoon.  They felt much better.

Monday morning we headed back to Phoenix and arrived home around 5 PM.

It was a fun and long weekend.

Now onto the Vegas GT in two weeks.

Orc Shaman

So this past weekend is the first time I painted in almost a month (see Captain Faramir).  I had 4 Minas Tirith Warriors with Bows I wanted to get done for my son (now he can Volley Fire), also I had my LGS order me an Orc Shaman to complete my Cirith Ungol list to 350 points.

I actually enjoyed painting the Shaman and I think he came out quite nicely.  I enjoy painting the one off heroes because it gives a good break from the line painting when doing standard warriors.

Orc Shaman

Pretty Busy Lately

Sorry for the delay in adding anything to the site.  Been pretty busy learning/playing Warmachines/Hordes.  My son and I have been partaking in the Summer Rampage 2008.  I have been playing Legion for Hordes and my son has been playing Skorne for Hordes.  Summer Rampage ends this Sunday 8/10 and after that I’ll be getting back into some more LotR modeling/painting.

Also been busy launching a new site.  http://www.lotrindygt.com “Your source for information about The Lord of the Rings SBG Independent Tournament scene in North America.”  Where we have created two sets of criteria for running Independent LotR Tournaments.  We just officially launched the site this week.

Games Day LA is two weeks away (8/23), my friend Tim K and I will be running LotR Registered Tables for that day.  Its going to be a long day, but it will be fun.  My family will be coming with so we will then visit Disneyland on the following day.

The GW Las Vegas GT is coming the weekend of 9/4-9/6 and I was asked by Dave Taylor of Games Workshop to help with the LotR Tournament.  It took a lot of convincing the family (since its my sons 13th b-day weekend) but I will be attending the GT to help GW.  I promised my son a full day of gaming the weekend before to make up for missing his b-day.  He took it pretty well and he realizes he will be getting alot of LotR models out of it.

I’ll try and take some more pictures this weekend of my armies and get the Army Sections updated.

Captain Faramir of Gondor

Tuesday night I had some extra time before dinner. Captain Faramir was just sitting in my Army Transport all primed and nothing to do. So I woke him up, placed him on the painting table and now he has come to life.

Captain Faramir

So last night at Talon’s Hideout I had the first night of LotR demo games.  While the owner Chris was waiting for his opponent Ben to finish up a WFB game, I had my two oldest sons get a 300 pt game in.

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